Month: October 2016

The Times of India awarded DPS Indirapuram Leader of the city !

A Leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way, DPS Indirapuram feels fortunate to be considered as one such institute. The reputed survey of The Times of India acknowledged DPS Indirapuram in the top 3 schools enlisted in the category of Leaders of the city. We always inspire our students to dream more, learn more, do more and achieve more. Since our establishment in 2003, we have taken the challenge to provide premium education, best facilities, and a learning environment to our students. This achievement is a certificate that we are hitting the right direction to fulfil our challenges. Our mission and vision denote that we focus on overall development of our students and Holistic Growth is our focus.

‘Before, you are a leader; success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.’ Adhering, to this, we at DPS Indirapuram guide our students to become leaders of tomorrow. We are crowned as the leader of the city because of our innovative ideas, upgraded teaching approach and the fact that we have lived up to our name. Leaders are those who leave a mark and DPS Indirapuram has left a mark of excellence and has raised the bar of perfection for others to match. We being the leader of the city inspire our students to become the same in every endeavour they undertake, be it academics, sports, cultural activities etc. We started as Inventers and today stand as Leaders; this is our remarkable graph of growth.

We get to our students the contemporary methodology of learning, amenities for their growth, and a wholesome environment. We provide them with the best possible faculty and study material to lay down a strong future foundation. If our name has earned such honour it is because of the hard work which has being done by the management, teachers, staff and above all the students who form the most crucial part of the school. The journey which started in 2003 is adding new successful chapters daily.

Academics is what every student comes for in the school, we give them the same but in different forms so that they don’t just memorize it but retain it. Our curriculum includes various activities like dancing, singing, swimming, arts, instrument playing, horse riding and much more. We give our students the opportunity to come out and perform their talents. There are events in which almost every student gets this chance to know where he/she excels in.

Our growth is in the growth of our students and we share our success with them. We built a school in 2003 but our students made it a brand. We grow with our students and adding success to their future is our endeavour.