Learning Foreign Languages a doorway for New Opportunities

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In today’s times, the teaching-learning process has undergone in revolution and the learning horizons have expanded radically.  Better teaching methodology, engaging procedures, advanced approach and vast exposure makes the journey of learning fun-filled and more memorable.

Learning different languages is one such practice which has brought the world closer.  Apart from the regional languages and the commonly spoken language which is English, there are a number of foreign languages which one can learn and master.

There are various courses to learn foreign languages but the best way to learn is as a child in the school.  Undoubtedly there is no age for learning and you can do it when you want but as a child, if you get the right exposure and your school is advanced enough to offer you the opportunity to learn various foreign languages it can be the best.  There are various reasons why children should learn foreign languages.

It’s easier to acquire foreign languages as a child:

A child is the best learner.  They tend to learn different languages with ease.  Also, once you learn one foreign language it becomes easier to learn others.  Therefore children within their learning span, have an opportunity to learn various foreign languages which will help them tremendously in today’s times of globalization.

It boosts empathy:

Children in multilingual environments have a variety of social experiences that enable them to consider the perspective of others.  They have to think about who speaks which language to whom, who understands which content, and the times and places in which different languages are spoken.  This thought process helps them in appreciating the perspective of others.

It boosts cross-cultural understanding:

With 7 billion people living on the only known inhabited planet in the universe, it’s important we get along.  Language and culture are so intertwined that learning a foreign language both builds cultural understanding provides deep insights into how other people see the world and helps foster a global culture.

It helps train a child’s ear for music:

The better a child understands various languages the more he/she will be able to enjoy different kinds of music.  They would understand the lyrics, know the rhythm and enjoy the melody transcending all geographical barrier.

It boosts career opportunities:

You can not only get access to a wide range of higher degree courses and colleges but also with the foreign language in your resume, you get better job opportunities and also a major salary boost.

It makes travel more fun:

International travel is an amazing way to broaden one’s horizons and experience the diversity and beauty of the world.  Being able to speak the language of the country one is visiting unlocks the possibility of forging deeper bonds of understanding.  Putting their languages skills to use in “real life” can also be a motivation booster for kids.

It can increase out of the box thinking:

Learning a foreign language helps children see the world through different lenses.  The ability to consider multiple viewpoints to a problem is the cornerstone of creative problem-solving.

These are just a few of the many reasons why learning a foreign language is a must for kids and how it helps them grow into more confident individuals.


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