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Learning Foreign Languages a doorway for New Opportunities

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In today’s times, the teaching-learning process has undergone in revolution and the learning horizons have expanded radically.  Better teaching methodology, engaging procedures, advanced approach and vast exposure makes the journey of learning fun-filled and more memorable.

Learning different languages is one such practice which has brought the world closer.  Apart from the regional languages and the commonly spoken language which is English, there are a number of foreign languages which one can learn and master.

There are various courses to learn foreign languages but the best way to learn is as a child in the school.  Undoubtedly there is no age for learning and you can do it when you want but as a child, if you get the right exposure and your school is advanced enough to offer you the opportunity to learn various foreign languages it can be the best.  There are various reasons why children should learn foreign languages.

It’s easier to acquire foreign languages as a child:

A child is the best learner.  They tend to learn different languages with ease.  Also, once you learn one foreign language it becomes easier to learn others.  Therefore children within their learning span, have an opportunity to learn various foreign languages which will help them tremendously in today’s times of globalization.

It boosts empathy:

Children in multilingual environments have a variety of social experiences that enable them to consider the perspective of others.  They have to think about who speaks which language to whom, who understands which content, and the times and places in which different languages are spoken.  This thought process helps them in appreciating the perspective of others.

It boosts cross-cultural understanding:

With 7 billion people living on the only known inhabited planet in the universe, it’s important we get along.  Language and culture are so intertwined that learning a foreign language both builds cultural understanding provides deep insights into how other people see the world and helps foster a global culture.

It helps train a child’s ear for music:

The better a child understands various languages the more he/she will be able to enjoy different kinds of music.  They would understand the lyrics, know the rhythm and enjoy the melody transcending all geographical barrier.

It boosts career opportunities:

You can not only get access to a wide range of higher degree courses and colleges but also with the foreign language in your resume, you get better job opportunities and also a major salary boost.

It makes travel more fun:

International travel is an amazing way to broaden one’s horizons and experience the diversity and beauty of the world.  Being able to speak the language of the country one is visiting unlocks the possibility of forging deeper bonds of understanding.  Putting their languages skills to use in “real life” can also be a motivation booster for kids.

It can increase out of the box thinking:

Learning a foreign language helps children see the world through different lenses.  The ability to consider multiple viewpoints to a problem is the cornerstone of creative problem-solving.

These are just a few of the many reasons why learning a foreign language is a must for kids and how it helps them grow into more confident individuals.


How to Manage the Study Time?


Studying is much more than passing exams and improving grades. Learning and understanding concepts and information is something more important. However, a lot of students consider studying as a burden. Who can blame them when the academic race is such?

Studying definitely requires a lot of hard work. In order to achieve more, one has to study and explore more. Time management skill matters a lot over here.

What happens if you follow a schedule?

Following a well-planned schedule helps in meeting the timeline. With the proper allocation of time, one would never miss on opportunities to participate in other activities apart from school work for the overall development of the mind and body. A balanced lifestyle is a necessity for everyone.

Planning is easy but the implementation is tough. A strong will and a comfortable plan is the key. Don’t have huge goals and tasks which demotivates you to follow the plan. Start with easy steps to success.

Ingredients for a well-planned schedule:

  1. Create a To-do list.

Noting down the important things to be done on the basis of priority is an important thing. Doing this would always help you in finishing your work before the deadline. In case you forget anything you can go through that list and can get the data and start working on it.

  1. Come up with a daily schedule.

The daily schedule is necessary as not all days are same. So in order to maintain a balance among all the daily activities, scheduling is necessary. By doing so one would always get sufficient time to do school work and also relax, play and socialize with friends.

  1. Refrain from procrastinating.

Not following a planned schedule is of no use. Successes do not come to procrastinators. Children and their parents should always be in coordination with one another.  School work should always be done on time without any distractions. If one faces problem in studying alone, so indulging in group studies with studious students can be a good option.

  1. Take a quick run between study schedules.

In order to avoid losing focus one should always have a look at the planned schedule at regular intervals to refocus. This will help in sticking to the schedule without diverting from it.

  1. Continue to reassess your schedule and make adjustments if necessary.

Proper evaluation of plan would always be helpful and advantageous for a student. Check your daily schedule and see if any changes are required or not. In case of any spontaneous activity like family functions, sports event, weddings etc. schedule can be adjusted accordingly. But one should avoid doing it too often or else it would give a reason not to follow the schedule.

Schooling is an amazing journey for every child. The journey makes you strong and builds your personality, it’s not just about games and plays but students have to adjust themselves according to the changing syllabus, submitting assignments on time, participating in school activities, presenting innovative ideas to be in the race, etc. Student and their parents should always keep in mind that success always depends on the individual capability. Let your child explore, grow and succeed.

Make a wise choice; pick the best school for your Child!


Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. The purpose of education is to satisfy the curious minds, these young and fresh minds need creativity, they long for an innovative approach and they look forward to a fun-filled learning journey. For quality education, the most important decision to be taken is a right school, as parents, you need to be very careful and should research, learn and think well before making this crucial choice of your child’s school for the next 12 to 14 years of his/her life.

The definition of an ideal school varies from parent to parent, for some may be infrastructure is a parameter and for other may be the teaching staff or facilities may be the criteria. The correct decision can only be taken with a clear view point and a holistic approach towards all these factors comprising of much more. Here, we enlist certain points which as a parent you should keep in mind while making your choice of the school for your child.

Board of the School

Presently there are 5 boards of school education in India namely State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, IB and NIOS. Parents should be very careful about this as the board of the school matters in the long run. You need to compare the features of all the boards and then choose the aptest one for your child keeping in mind your child’s future ambition and calibre. The syllabus of the school is drafted as per the board so be careful and make the correct choice for your child.

The early age goals should be clear and definite

In the pre-primary classes, the role of education is not only to teach the child to read and write. This is the most crucial age group in which the school should motivate the kids to enhance and build gross motor skills, languages skills, number recognitions etc. Children are full of creative ideas and innovative thoughts and the school should play a crucial role in understanding their creativity and guiding them in the right direction.

Research well before making the choice

Nowadays social media is the biggest information centre for anything and everything, so do your part of the research. Go to the website and track them on social media. Look for reviews by the fellow parents and staff; this will help you in getting a clear picture. A Little research may help you to loosen down the burden of finding a good school for your child.

Brand of the school is not a trademark for good education

Air conditioned buses; posh canteen etc. should not be the criteria for choosing a school. Of course, safe play spaces, clean toilets; pleasant staff should definitely be looked upon. The legacy of the school is not created by a rich infrastructure but by quality education and a balanced curriculum which makes students future ready.

Your eyes are the best judge

Do visit the school and observe it closely, because the place will give you the vibe and the ambience will help you know how the school is. Interact with management, teachers, and support staff so as to build that trust in you which can relieve you from one of the biggest responsibility of being a good parent.

Don’t just be a blind follower rather explore, and research well to make the most apt choice for your kids. School is their base and it’s here they start their learning process so give them the best and be proud of your choice.


Ruskin Bond is my favourite writer. I always enjoyed his works as a kid and my child participated in many activities conducted at school under the ISA Project. I wanted to go back into reading his books…… the experience is always pleasing, refreshes my mood and prepares me for another hectic day.

Manisha Madan   

M/ of Ananya Madan

Class – V D