Be your Childs stress buster not stress creator!

A happy and secure environment is required for a child’s growth and success. In India, education and academics have forever played crucial roles and have acted as a focal point of stress for students. Parent’s unusually high pressure makes it, even worse, the peer pressure is emergence and students are under great pressure to perform. More than encouraging learning we tend to encourage the importance of good grades and high percentages which corrupt the whole process.

India has one of the highest suicide rates among the age group of 15 to 29. The statics doesn’t show a good picture of our country and with such ongoing process, we are not doing any good. Children are very sensitive; no matter they speak boldly and state forward they still have a very emotional mindset. You need to praise them, make them feel they are important a simple thought of negativity can damage their self confidence and ruin their personality.

Watch out for these signs in your child and if you see any, be alert and take measures because you child may be under stress. Immediate actions and a caring behaviour and in no time improve the situation but you need to be careful and act.

Disinterest: Being disinterested is one the greatest sign of a stressed child and it not only pertains to studies but every activity. If your child shows signs of disinterest in all his activities like studying, saying no to playing or to go out with friends in the park etc mean that he is just being reluctant for everything, these acts show a clear sign of him/her being in stress. Take measure and act quick, talk with them and make them involve in small activities and soon they we will revive.

Frequent bouts of sickness: Watch out for frequent signs of sickness in your child, they being young and unaware are unable to understand and figure out what’s wrong and therefore end up hiding their actual problem behind complains like headache, stomach ache etc. Their fear of anxiety over powers them and hence they are unable to share it with anyone, be alert and if you child complains frequently then get a proper medical check up done to be on a safer side.

Negativity: Negative behaviour in a child is a cause of concern at times being angry or upset over something is fine but when it comes to his/her daily routine then it’s an alarming point. A Childs state of mind is a complex thing to study, negative behaviour includes his/her, mood swings, aggressions, social isolation etc.

Engagement in Drugs: When your excessive pressure is not able to meet the required result at times it has a very adverse effect in a Childs mind and they get diverted towards smoking, drug addiction etc. This can be accounted as an inability to deal with pressure.

Underachievement: Falling in exams and not able to achieve good grades in result can be because they are not that good in it or were unprepared but failing in things which they are really good at is a sign of problem. Make sure they don’t leave their hobbies and give them that space to enjoy their privacy.

Stress and anxiety is raising cause of concern in today’s generation watch out for any unusual behaviour in your child and keep in mind the above mentioned points. Keep talking to them because that in the best medicine for a person suffering from anxiety or depression.