Telling Your Child what Christmas is about

Christmas is a celebration! It’s a celebration of Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. It’s why we say “Merry Christmas”

Although Jesus is the reason for the season, he’s often overlooked or merely mentioned along with Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, the Grinch, elves, and a long list of celebrated fictional characters. Christmas preparation involves a lot of activities – buying gifts, sending greeting cards, decorating our homes, putting up lights, cooking, attending parties, and cleaning up afterward, leaving little time to actually enjoy the meaning of Christmas.

Celebration is purpose behind Christmas! Even when we revisit the bible the angel’s opening statement to the shepherds of Bethlehem was – God has wonderful news for us that would cause us all to rejoice, celebrate, and throw a party: “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” Bible’s statement of Jesus’ explanation of why God sent him to earth was: “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

The true reason for Christmas is the love of God, God loves you so much that he came to earth as a human so you could get to know him and learn to trust him and love him back, Jesus was an Incarnation, through which God became one of us, a human being, so we could understand what he is really like.

God created human beings, the capacity to know him in ways animals can’t. He created us in his image, which includes the ability to enjoy a personal relationship with him, sending Jesus was an initiative so we could understand his love and our need for him.

Of course, we know a little about God by simply observing his creations. For instance, though nature we know that our Creator loves variety; he created an incredibly diverse universe. Think of the limitless array of plants, animals, rock formations, snowflakes, and people. No two human beings, even twins, are exactly alike. God doesn’t make clones or copies. Every one of us is original after you were born!

Many of us misunderstand the festivity spirit of Christmas, yes, it is indeed a time of celebration and the day to spread joy but we should also take into consideration the real value and learning of the festival. Usually, children consider this as a mere holiday, a time for Santa to visit homes for gifts but forget about the Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Here are few ways which will help you make your child understand the Teachings of Christmas.

Be Animated

Kids love story time, except when it’s evident that the story-teller is tired and not really there in story-land. So try to make a habit of hopping into character, even when you are bone tired, or become loud, silly and cartoonish. How cool is it that three wise men follow a huge star to find Jesus! Kids tend to remember a story when it’s exciting. The moment you become boring, the crickets chirp and suddenly you will hear an exhausted voice yawn, “Can I play Super Mario?” or “Can I see TV?”

Be Intentional

Focus on the moral of the story once you are done. When talking about Jesus, make sure it’s clear exactly who He is—how He came, lived and is coming back! This paints the picture well in their eyes and helps them understand—even on their level. “Jesus is the son of God who came to earth because God loves us sooo much.” and this simple language and easy words make them believe your story. The more intentional you are about sharing the gospel with your children, the more interested they become in learning more.

The truth about Santa

Children are captivated by the rosy cheeks and red suit, but they could be even more excited to learn about a baby who came to love and save them. It is how you portray and teach them, Santa is not real but Christmas is still a festival to celebrate and spread the joy and this is what you need to teach your children.

Get them involved

This helps teach them how to be loving and giving, that the holidays are not only about receiving gifts but sharing the joy. You need to make them involve in small activities and celebrations so that they get to know the real meaning of Christmas.

Give Christmas cards, videos and drawings

Children love to colour, it’s a sweet idea to work on a gift for a loved one, teach your child that it’s not about spending money and buying expensive gifts. Tell them how personal gestures and caring towards loved once is important. This would truly brighten up someone’s day and teach them how to be giving.

These small teachings will help your child understand the true meaning of Christmas celebration. These young minds and vibrant personalities love to celebrate but they should also be aware of the fact that’s not just the Christmas Eve and Santa Claus but the birth of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Christmas can be a season of great joy; it is a time of God showing his great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewed strength. You see, Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. God sent his Son, Jesus, into the world to be born. His birth brought great joy to the world. Shepherds, wise men, and angels all shared in the excitement of knowing about this great event. They knew this was no ordinary baby. The prophets had told of His coming hundreds of years before. The star stopped over Bethlehem just to mark the way for those who were looking for this special child.