Let’s break the monotony of New Year Resolutions!

As we begin to roll towards January, we start to think and plan our coming year. With a new year come new opportunities, new ideas, and a new beginning to start afresh. Children are usually more excited for such events; New Year for them is a good party, some celebration and a list of goals to accomplish in the coming year. As parents, mentors and guides it’s our responsibility to make them stress free from the burden of the huge enlisted goals and the forthcoming disappointment from them. Why not make them start off with small things that they can do to not only improvise their lifestyle but also to keep them encouraged with instant success.

Here is something you can pen down to your child’s list of to do’s from New Year.

Add a little spirituality to their daily life

Create a new tradition for celebrating birthdays or anniversaries; make them visit the prayer room on regular basis. Teaching habits like saying a small prayer each morning, thanking God for the day and making them realise that they are lucky and fortunate to have such a life will not only positively modulate their lifestyle but will also build up their trust in the Almighty.

Teach them to be organized

They need to manage their things well, be it preparing for exams, last minute revisions, drafting a project or maintaining their wardrobe, they need to be organized. They should keep their things in place and should avoid last minute rush.

Teach them to be expressive

It’s too easy to forget to tell people that we care about them. This year, make it a special promise to yourself that you’ll tell at least one person, each week, that you love them and that you’re grateful to have them in your life.

Develop Nature love

Buy a plant for them and ask them to maintain it. Not only will they be creating better air quality for your home, but nurturing a plant can help them emotionally as well. They will get to know the importance of Mother Nature.

They should know how to manage money

Although, they are young and are not directly involved in much of financial things but still they should know the importance of managing funds. Monitor how they use their pocket money and try and develop some saving habits in them.

Spend time with your best friend

A one-hour lunch, a movie, a walk in the park, it doesn’t matter what you do together, as long as you spend time with each other. Not only will they get a sense of companionship and love, but they’ll be going a long way towards stress relief.

Health is Wealth

Develop habits like morning work, some exercise in the morning, some jogging etc for them to follow the path towards good health. They should know that staying fit and healthy is the biggest gift they can give to themselves, their family and friends.

Ask them to take a self-test

Tell them the best way to analyze their past year is by taking a self-test. Nobody can judge them better than they themselves; they should analyze their failures and success, their weakness and strengths. They will not only learn from their past mistakes but will also get the energy to strive better the next time.

Help your child to start their new year at a positive note, filled with enthusiasm. Don’t let them burden themselves with big goals and New Year resolutions let them start with smaller steps which will lead them to bigger achievements.
Happy New Year to All!