Hear out these Parents, to know your child better!

‘School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.’ When we enter the gates we are unaware of what’s next but when we leave them at the end of our journey we know what’s next in life. We draft our personality there, get our identity and prepare ourselves to face the real world.

Now in today’s time, for parents to select an appropriate school for their children is a challenge. The few common questions which revolve around every parent’s mind are –

Whether the school and its’ environment is good for their child?

 Is the school competent enough with good faculty and rehearsed syllabus?

Is the school future ready for this fast pacing world?

Will the school be able to mould the child academically, morally, globally and culturally?

We held a conversation with parents whose children are in different age groups and got to know their point of view regarding what is the school giving their child and where do their expectations lie.

In candid conversation with parents in random:

Question: As a parent of class 1st student what did you initially look for in the school before making your choice?

We were very confused in the beginning as all the schools were advertising themselves at their best. It was like I am out in the market to buy a saree, literally every day I use to end up hearing a new option and getting further confused. This was making the decision tough for us, so we decided to set our parameters and measure the school on them.

As per, our list, what we wanted in our child’s school is to provide a healthy environment to our child. We wanted it to focus on holistic development of my child and should make him future ready 12 years down the lane. We were keen to go for the school which provided latest teaching methods and followed the modern approach in education. We wanted our child to grow on all grounds, with academics, sports, and cultural events should also be the part of the school. We wanted a school which not only benefits our child’s present but his future as well.

(Mother of Class 1st Student, Age: 33)

Question: At the age of 8 to 12, a child is developing the most, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically, how according to you, school plays a role during these years for the right growth and development of your child?

We choose the best school for our child according to our capability and awareness. Once the child is admitted in the school then we come to know the real progress of the school through the child. Our child is an above average student he manages to come in top 10 of the class and is doing pretty well academically. At this age, the bond between the student and teacher plays a vital role; either the child gets comfortable and enjoys the school environment or starts to face adjustment issues. Our child initially faced some issues due to which his behaviour was getting affected. He used to avoid going to school and started lying about things. We got worried about that and decided to meet his teacher.

After several meetings we were able to resolve this problem and finally my son started loving his school. His teacher was a great help, she understood the problem so well and got into my son’s comfortable zone that he no longer had any adjustment issues. In the growing years a comforting environment, an understanding teacher to whom the child can easily approach and speak to and an overall growth of the child turn out to be the key factors.

(Parents of class 7th Student, Age 38 & 45 respectively)

Questions: At the latter part of the school when the children think they are already adults, how according to you, school comes into the role in showing them the right direction and how?

When children enter the school they are innocent building blocks, it is difficult to manage them and give them a direction but latter half of their journey turns out to be even more strenuous. They have already developed a thought process, created an identity, and have left a mark of their personality, now moulding them further is a task. My daughter is average in her academics, her real interest lies in arts. She has been into painting and drawing ever since her childhood. At times she overlooks her studies for that, which was my growing cause of concern. Her boards were approaching and she was not that serious.

I always supported her in whatever she wanted to do and respected her interest for arts but now was the high time she should concentrate on her studies.  Debating and yelling at her was not effective, I decided to visit her school once. After, meeting her teacher I was relaxed she told me that required changes need to be initialled in her without provoking her. At this age children consider themselves to be grown-ups and we should understand that. Keeping in line to this we should develop a bond with them so that we also talk with them as adults and discuss things at ease and come to conclusions with them, not against them.

(Mother of class 10th Student, Age, 42)

Everyone has their roles to be played; some are parents, some teachers and others are students. Every role is important and dependent on the other. Here we had a conversation with some of the parents and got to know how school really helps in turning out the Childs future successfully. It’s not the teacher who is always strict, it’s not the parents who always don’t understand and it’s not that child who is always unmannerly, it’s the right proposition which is required for a successful story.